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  • Hospital stay, stats refrshing and other hanging/lag issues

Hospital stay, stats refrshing and other hanging/lag issues

We know the games have been experiencing some odd hanging issues such as extended hospital stays and stats refreshing slowly or not at all.

We would first off like to extend our deepest apologies for these delays and game play interferences. We understand that this is very frustrating and hinders your time on our games.

Step one in the process was adding a new file sharing system to the web server. If you haven’t noticed in between hangs up that the sites are moving and processing pages much faster and things are moving along that front quite well.

Second step is to restructure certain tables in the databases to reduce the amount of information stored and to help streamline the accessing to this information. We are in the process of taking out the non essential information to help reduce the amount of info included in queries for users. This will help speed up processing of data that is used to display on certain pages pertaining to users info. (i.e. the profile page and forums) The main culprit in this is the signatures fields along with a few other non essential fields. We know this may not mean much or anything at all to some of you, but the bottom line is we are aware and are working on a fix for the issues.

We will being putting these fixes to all games over the next few days to a week. We know we have asked for a great deal of patience from you, but please bear with us as we are trying to sort these issues out as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Final Motive Team