Account Transfers - Reminder of Rules

We know that when an arrangement is met for an account transfer between members, you want the transfer to your new account to happen quickly, and without issue.  A lot of transfer’s seem to be happening without Final Motives approval.

If you are either buying or selling an account you MUST submit a request to the support desk ( for approval BEFORE the transfer is made.  I have listed below the information that the support team will need in order to grant you approval of any transfer.

1.  The link to your account. (The one you are leaving)
2.  The link to the account you’re transferring into. (The new one)
3.  The link to the person who will assist with the transfer. (Explains it self)
4.  What is to be done with your account once the transfer is complete?  (Are you selling it?  If so, then to who provide their link?)

If you are moving from your account to another, you MUST submit a ticket for approval.  Failure to follow this directive will get ALL accounts involved frozen.

If you fail to list all the information that we need to approve the transfer, you will be delaying your transfer for at least two additional days.

If you provide all the information that we need to approve the transfer you can be playing your new account within 48hours of the agreement.  It’s the lack of information that holds up the approval process.  For example you send in a ticket that looks like this:

I’m moving to ID #123456 thanks….

1. You didn’t provide a game for one, so you’ve automatically held up the approval.
2. You didn’t provide the link to your account, so know we need to go searching all games for an email address that match’s your account……(is your email address registered?) your holding up the process even more.
3. Because you didn’t specify who would be assisting with the transfer, you have held up the transfer again.
4.  You didn’t tell us what you wanted done with the account that you’re moving from.

It’s not a matter of one member handle all the transfer requests cause sometimes you don’t know where the seller is going, or what the buyer is doing with their accounts.  Make sure we have all the information for YOUR transfer.  YOU’RE the one at risk.

If you want the approval to happen quick…..DO AS WE ASK….otherwise it can take as long as a  week to get all the information that we need to grant you approval so you don’t get frozen.

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