18 Feb 2019 
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 Can I have more than one account?
 Players are permitted one account. If we find evidence that you have more than one account, whether it be on the same IP or not, your user name and all IP addresses may be banned from our network. A ban on one game equals a ban on all games. Cre
 What is your policy regarding spam?
  Using our site, software, message or forum to advertise any products, websites or online games is prohibited. You may use your forum signature to promote a personal website.
 What are your guidelines for general player conduct?
  The following behaviors may result in a warning, your account being frozen and/or an account and IP ban. Other behaviors not listed here may result in the same penalties if the staff determines that those behaviors interfere with the site operation o
 What is your policy regarding cheating?
  If we find evidence that you are using the game software to duplicate money, points, or any other tangibles or intangibles in the game, you may be banned.If we find evidence that you are using any sort of auto-refreshing program or ma
 How do I delete my account?
  Accounts are not deleted. Simply don't log in again and during the next sweep, usually about every 90 days, the system will automatically delete your account because it is inacti
 Why isn't the game displaying/working properly?
  Our site will not function correctly via AOL's built-in browser or with Internet Explorer 7 which has an exploit that causes java to crash. We use java to power some features on our site. You can try holding down the control key (ctrl) and hitting F5 on
 Why can't I log in?
  More often than not, an incorrectly formatted user name or password is the cause. User names and passwords are case sensitive. This means that if you used th
 I want to sell my account/buy an account - now what?
  You are permitted to sell your account if you so choose. However, you do so with the following understandings: FinalMotive/Pixabit Inc. and our affiliates will not be held responsible if your attempts to sell/buy an account results in
 I am trying to register and the game tells me there are too many accounts on my IP?
  If you are logging in from home and not from an Internet Cafe, school, business, etc. then the company you use for your internet connection recycles IP addresses among their users. While this is rare, there are a handful of companies who do this - and
 Where is my MySpace points reward?
  Please contact a moderator in-game MySpace rewards. Moderator's names are in Royal Blue. Con
 Where can I read the rules for your games?
  For Vile City:http://www.vilecity.com/index.php?on=rulesFor Pirate Quest:http://www.piratequest.net/index.php?on=rulesFor Mafia Battle 1925:http://www.mafiabattle.net/index.php?on=rulesFor Mafia Batt
 I have been charged for my purchase but have not recieved it.
  We're sorry you are experiencing problems with your order, but rest assured our support team will be happy to resolve any issues you may have.If you have made a purchase via Credit Card (PayPal or otherwise) and have yet to recieve it after
 How do I contact you for help?
  Please search our knowledgebase for a resolution to your issue before contacting our staff.For assistance in-game with:
 How do I cancel my subscription?
  To cancel subscriptions via PayPal or Google Checkout, log into your PayPal or Google Checkout account, and look through your transaction history for the transaction in which you created the subscription. Click on the details of that transaction and the
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